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Can Alzheimer’s go away?

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It does not go away. In the early stages, symptoms seem to come and go. However, this is usually temporary. Besides, medication can slow down the progression of the disease. But, there is no medication that cures Alzheimer’s.

Just a few weeks ago, I went and visited my grandparents in the nursing home.

My grandpa was daydreaming on the bed and my grandma was eating lunch.

Soon a nursing sister entered the room.

She introduced herself to me as a new member of the facility.

While taking out the daily dose of medication, she told me the following:

My sister once told me:

“Since our grandmother takes her new medication (donepezil and memantine), it seems like Alzheimer’s goes away.”

I replied with a giggle and wide smile: “Well, sadly Alzheimer's seems to stick around, somehow.”

Then, I looked out of the spacious window that overlooked a garden full of colorful flowers, I wondered: “Why can’t Alzheimer’s be like a summer flu? Why can’t it simply go away?”

Certainly, there are a lot of people thinking the same phrase as me.

At least once in a blue moon.

Sadly the disease is not like a summer flu.

If you like to know more about the disease, what the symptoms are, how it develops, and what the risk factors are, and what can decrease the chances, then I recommend you read my “All you need to know about Alzheimer’s guide”.

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